Black Homelessness: POTUS Civil Rights Matter

The Nature of Black Homelessness
Is The Clear 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act Violation
Particularly As Exemplified In That of Los Angeles, California

See ABC Channel 7 News, LA Stunning Report
See LA Sentinel Report, One Third of Homeless Are Black Citizens
The 2008 Congressional Slavery and Jim Crow Apology Resolution (simple)
Black Citizens Homeless Demographics

Los Angles County and City: The National Homelessness Capital
and That of Homeless, US Military Veterans
LA’s Central City East District of Downtown, dubbed Skid Row
Its “ground 0” and “black hole vortex”.

“Homelessness is the moral issue of our time”
LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti

“Homelessness is the ultimate statement of what is wrong within society”
The Hon. Cong. Maxine Waters


The Case for 14th Amendment-The Act, US Presidential Intervention NOW
The 14th Amend.-Act Authority of Black Citizens

Civil Rights: POTUS Eisenhower

Civil Rights: POTUS JFK Deploys Fed & Troops To University of Alabama

LA County Case: Jim Crowism of Black Homeless Citizens

“Study Examines Link Between Racism, Black Homelessness In LA”

Black Citizens Homelessness – Demographics

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