The Judaic Alignment Three-Fold Purpose

Ending Anti-Semitic-Jewish Sentiments & Actions By Jews Eradicating Homelessness
Healing and Reuniting Jewish and Blackish Communities In Mutual Struggle


(See Alignment with Scripture)
After 35 years of observing the defensive, instead of offensive tactics against local, national and worldwide anti-Semitic/Jewish sentiments and actions, have apparently been to no avail, as such hatred continues to increase, not subside, I theorize its cause and propose strategic solution it.
According to the Holy Hebrew Scriptures, HaShem promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, i.e., goyim; and that his children, i.e., Hebrews-Israelites-Jews-Israelis as HIS chosen light witness of Oneness of the Holy One of Israel, by executing the merits of HIS Law and Word to the gentiles that they too may believe in HIM.
We are chosen, not because we are genetically superior to gentiles, but rather, to be their servants, leading them out of their darkness for HIS great Names Sake
The nations are blind in darkness and have need for the Light of HaShem which is borne in the souls of HIS chosen, and which is so appropriately equipped to address the worldwide injustices of said homelessness, beginning with LA as the national and global model.
Regardless of the myriad of ethno-racial sectors and classes of Judah, this cause of rescuing the goyim from destruction automatically united us in a singular HaShem pleasing body politic, thereby moving HIM to beat back anti-Semitism/Jewish sentiments and actions.
If the light which is to fill a space, and does not, when the void is made by its absence, then darkness will subsequently follow bearing within itself all sorts of evil, particular the ones against GOD’s chosen, such as Amalak, Hamen, and Hitler, etc.,
Therefore, as darkness can’t comprehend light, but is immediately driven away when lit, it’s incumbent upon us as such to courageously and HaShem obedient as Abraham, and turn or flame on in the world.

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