Letter To LA Mayor Garcetti (draft)

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The Hon. Eric Garcetti
Los Angeles Mayor
200 N. Spring Street,
Los Angeles, CA, 90012 

Re: Appoint Ted Hayes, the Most Qualified Activist As Los Angeles Czar Homeless

Dear Hon. Mayor Eric Garcetti,
We the People, US citizens residing in Los Angeles, request an immediate EMERGENCY audience with you concerning our nominee for Czar Homeless or Special Mayoral Envoy (The SME).

The ever growing dire and daunting situation of chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness has reaching an ever increasing peak of frustration, fear, and madness in tax paying residents, business proprietors and property owners, as well as causing a “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” demoralizing effect on law enforcement officers.

This sentiment is rapidly increasing, as well as the numbers of homeless persons and complexities seemingly ever since led the Council to rightly, morally and courageously declare homelessness an EMERGENCY Crisis, being followed by those of LA County and California State Assembly; and passage of HHH and H.

Clearly something very basic and simple is amiss, which is precisely what LA City Attorney Mike Feuer has identified and has courageously called upon you to appoint a single person whom knows what to do about our dilemma.

See the attached articles:

We the People residing in Los Angeles city proper nominate to you, Civil Rights – resolve homelessness activist, Theodore “Ted: Hayes, whom you have known for years dating back to your City Council career, as well as your father, the Hon. Gil Garcetti, who as LA District Attorney General worked on the landmark, JSAP document, and is one of the signatories endorsing Ted’s national plan to end homelessness by Presidential fiat.

As no other activist today in Los Angeles, or anywhere throughout the nation in US history has such an impeccable record of service to the public on the matters of said homelessness.

Special note: In Los Angeles city and county, black citizens are respectively in each circa 8 % and 9% of the general population, yet they are circa 40% of the homeless; in downtown, from the hotels, SRO’s, shelters, missions; to automobiles, abandoned buildings and vacant lots, to sidewalks, circa 90% are BLACK MEN, then BLACK WOMEN and their CHILDREN, followed by an assortment of others.

Being that Ted is also a US black citizen, at the mature and wise age of 47 years, having no criminal record other than acts of civil disobedience in cause, nor is a public meeting disruptor, and as the only activist with a broad, sweeping comprehensive plan with LA being the national and global model, don’t you think, as we do, that after all these years, he should be allowed a shot at this? Or, perhaps, black lives don’t matter after all.

Please see these brief videos of his conciliatory spirit

We strongly urge and encourage you to NOW appoint Mr. Hayes to this office, without government pay, because we will care for him and his family, that he may immediately begin to properly assist you to keep your promises to us concerning homelessness.  Truly a public-private venture!

We contend, that without doubt, Ted is the most qualified activist for this non-government paying position, and that he will be a huge asset to you and all concerned, especially homeless persons.  At least, let try this, sir!  We have all to gain.

Thanks and blessing for your cooperation and compliance with We the People.

Signed ___________________________________ Date________________