New Frontier II: OH Defined

Therefore, today’s new frontier of the now early twentieth (21st) century of 2018, based on that of the mid twentieth (20th) century 1961, is that of healing humanity and eradicating the ravages of poverty and homelessness though our gained technological wealth of the space program.

In those days, Kennedy inspired Americans to put men on the moon, now we must utilize that gained technology and more, to globally advance fellow human beings into progressive living habitats, beginning by the USA model devised, developed and deployed inLos Angeles, our nations’ capital of homelessness.

The New Frontier today for our purposes, is the belief in and utilization-application-enforcement and application of data, technologies, resources and the “Yankee” ingenuity of American capability.

Our country and in fact, the whole planet has more than plenty of land spaces and surplus resources, especially here in the USA with it hordes of closed military bases, etc.

While, our little group is lacking the massive brain power that a project like this must involve, nevertheless, like JFK, who knew nothing of the technology to reach the his lofty objective, yet, he provided those who did, with the vision and encouragement to make it happen, even ahead of schedule…so it is with us.

As Kennedy, who called upon and inspired the necessary brain masses of astronomic-rocket, outer space engineers and scientist, administrators, et al, in the private and government sectors will be drawn into the his “Moonshot & Beyond” dream-vision, command, so must this POTUS now do likewise, drawing to our table the same kinds of human resources to conquer this new Frontier of humanity itself.

Being the most visible, world class city in the world, as well as the capital of homelessness, what we accomplish serves as the model by which the nations can effective address the over 2 billion  human being whom are homeless amassed in sprawling urban centers and refugee camps.

The theme objective of the New Frontier II: Operation Humanity, is the same as the first, except, that the provisions of the 1960s’ earned us today the necessary data, technologies, and resources for us to utilize in the 21st Century.

This New Frontier strategy is one that doesn’t focus on homelessness, so much as utilizing in the USA as a catalyst to rectify the universal maladies that causes and generates it, which is akin to using snake venom as the antidote to its poisonous bite.

Essential the statement singular except the date, which can now read, “We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier — the frontier of the 21st Century…etc.”

“Think globally. Act locally”