The Homelessness Saga of Eric Garcetti

(By Ted Hayes, 500 words, 01/17/2018)

“Homelessness isn’t an issue,” “Homelessness is the issue.” “Homelessness is the moral issue of our time”

“It is a bigger problem than it’s ever been,” “We’ve had the right strategies, but we’ve never had the master plan, and we’ve never had the resources,”  “We finally are convening those together.”

 “We had to work to listen to people on the street and change our approach,” Mr. Garcetti said.

Los Angeles Mayor’s Political Future Tied to Plan to Solve City’s Homeless Crisis ‘If there’s any hope of running for president, that’s the problem he has to fix

This January marks thirty-five (35) years of my voluntary, and personally expensive, Civil Rights activism to resolve chronic, sidewalk, beachfront, public parks, state, county, municipal and federal property, including that which private which the Justiceville activists occupied as part of our strategy to call attention to it as well as how to rectify it.

During this time, while various and extremely few high level local officials made some advocacies addressing the conditions-state that US citizens, including military veterans were entrapped in dubbed homelessness, non of them has never come near to the level that the young Los Angeles Mayor, the Hon. Eric Garcetti has dared and courageously reached.

The young man whom I now dub, “The Great, National, Homelessness Resolutionary Mayor of America”, i.e., “Mayor Homelessness”, has done the insanely unthinkable by making ending homelessness his “hill to live or die on”, even making it the primary reason for his US Presidential bid.

Whether right or wrong in his polices, plans, strategies, and actions, Eric Garcetti has my deep respect, because he courageously dared to do the righteous thing, not considering political votes, i.e., “damned the votes, full steam ahead!”  His father, the Hon. Gil Garcetti, who as LA District Attorney worked with my on creating the land mare, ad hoc non legal binding, 1999 prophetic JSAP document, now revised as the Unified Action Plan (UAP) should be very proud on him.

Whether perhaps in a well intentioned attempt to express what he thought was serious advocacy accidentally “fell” into what other cognizant politicians recognized as potentially political career  suicide venturing, or he intentionally decided to make himself the greatest champion of the poor ever by utilizing his high elected authority and power…or, politically perish.

While on certain political issues, he and most likely on surface disagree with other, but with open, objective, civil dialogue, no doubt we can arrive as a workable and amenable relationship for the good betterment of all concerned.

This is the primarily reason that I seek his honorable appointment to serve as, non-government salaried Czar Homeless, i.e., Special Mayoral Envoy, as that is the best way that he can be helped.

“We had to work to listen to people on the street and change our approach,” Garcetti

Mayor Garcetti has yet to listen to me, the most qualified and experienced, therefore knowledgeable person on this “moral issue of our time.”

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