The Laws (legally binding)

The Declaration of Independence (edited-excerpts)
The Declaration of Independence (Unedited)
Established July 2-4, 1776, this law, being its Birth Certificate, is the First Legal Document of the United States of America, Union republic

The US Constitution (edited)
The US Constitution (Un-edited)
Established as the guiding light and force to implement the Declaration of Independence.

The Preamble
This statement, which is the first rule of the US Constitution, is an oath of every US citizen, that orders and mandates their respective participation “…to form a more perfect Union…” as We the People.

As correct, and powerful as the seven (7) chapters of the Constitution is, without the execution of the Preamble of the living citizens, the document is merely lofty words and platitudes written on dead, in-adamant paper, etc.

The Emancipation Proclamation
Being the of the Proclamation that emancipated of Americans (slave and slave holder) from 245 years of dehumanizing, generations-destroying, institution dubbed as chattel slavery, i.e., living, human property, this law is also the Progenitor, grandfather, or god-father of the succeeding, post US Civil War, Civil Rights laws of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, after which all others followed.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, the USA did not initiate chattel slavery, but rather, the British Empire beginning with Jamestown in 1620.  On July 2-4,1776, the newly born United States was birthed with its greatest and potentially fatal birth imperfection of chattel slavery.